Getting connected

Once you have power and water, the very next thing many families need is to get connected so that you can stay in touch with your family, friends and affairs elsewhere.  

Internet Service Providers

A choice
There are quite a few service providers in Gabs,
with Orange and VBN offering a wireless service
– handy if you don’t intend installing a

Tel: 395 8000
Forms available at any BTC office or download
from Very helpful lady at BBS
Mall. The mandatory copies of passport, residence
permit, employment contract, payslips or bank
statements must accompany your application.

Tel: 390 3396 (Head Office, opposite Main Mall);
370 0240 (River Walk - recommended);
391 0941 (Game City)

Tel: 369 3700
(Branches next to Main Mall opposite Bank
Gaborone; in Riverwalk, Molapo Crossing, Mowana
Park - Phakalane, Sefalana, Game City).
Post-installation service is highly recommended,
and branch service is excellent at Riverwalk.

Tel: 371 0101/2


Cell / Mobile Phones

As you arrive
You will want to get connected almost as you
arrive. Sim cards for mobile/cell phones can be
bought at most supermarkets like Choppies, Spar
and Pick n Pay and of course, mobile phone service
providers and cellphone retailers.
The three mobile/cell phone providers are BE
Mobile, Mascom and Orange. Shop around for best
offers. Most will offer you a choice of prepaid
or contract and you can either use your own
phone, buy a handset or get one as part of your
contract. All three have a small range of phones
or will issue you with a phone voucher which can
be used at one of their suppliers. Suppliers are
often not located right next to the offices of the
service provider, so don’t be surprised if it
takes you at least a few days to get yourself

BE Mobile
Phones: BE Mobile offices, Cell City
Open: Monday to Friday 09h00-19h00 at Riverwalk;

09h00-18h00 at Game City; Saturday 09h00-14h00.
Located: Riverwalk Mall, BBS Mall, Game City

Phones: Nokia Warehouse, Mobitel (African Mall)
Open: Monday to Friday
Located: Main Mall, Game City Mall,
Riverwalk Mall.
Support - 129 (contract), 111 (prepaid)

Phones: Orange, Nokia Warehouse, Sony Erikson,
Samsung (Craft Market in Broadhurst Industrial)
Open: Monday to Friday 08h00-21h00; Saturday
08h00-18h00; Sunday 08h00-15h00.
Support - 72 113 130
Located at Sefalana (Western Bypass), Main Mall,
Riverwalk Mall, Game City Mall, Mowana Park -
Phakalane, Bus Stop and Molapo Crossing.

Documents are king when applying to be connected
– and you will need almost more for this than
anything else that you apply for in Gabs! There
are slight differences in what is required, but
make sure that you have:
- Passport
- Residence Permit
- Work Permit (If you personally don’t have a
work permit, either take along your spouse with
all the above documents or a letter from your
spouse giving permission for an account to be
opened and copies of all relevant documents in
his/her name.)
- Proof of residence - copy of utility bill or
copy of lease agreement. (If the lease is held by
the company employing you to work in Gabs, take
along a letter stating that you will be occupying
the property.)
- Pay slip or proof of income / three months’
bank statements (from home country if necessary)
- Contract of employment

If you are getting a phone in the name of a
company, have:
- List of directors
- IDs of directors
- Certificate of Incorporation
- 3 months’ bank statements
- Share certificate
- Company utility bill or lease agreement
- Residence Permit
- Work Permit

Landline Telephone

Botswana Telecommunication Corpora-
tion (BTC) is the main service provider for
landlines, but also offers mobile phone
connection (BE Mobile). On a landline you can opt
for a contract or prepaid – the more expensive
To get connected, you will need to fill in an
application form, accompanied by:
- Passport
- Contract of employment
- Residence Permit
- Payslip or proof of income (bank

With Orange you can build your own system, which
can include a wireless landline.
Refer to the Orange offices and numbers above.


Botswana TV
Botswana TV is available free of charge, whereas
DSTV is a multi-channel pay service. Decoders are
available from Game, Hi-Fi Corporation, Home Corp
and Multichoice. To sign up, visit Multichoice
Botswana at Riverwalk.

Multichoice Botswana
Tel: 360 5666
Situated in Riverwalk Shopping Mall and open
weekdays 09h00 to 19h00; Saturday 09h00 to 15h00;
Sunday 10h00 to 14h00. Decoders available from
Multichoice, Game, Hi-Fi Corporation, Jumbo.
Remember you can pay your account on line which
makes one less queue to stand in come month end!


Tel: 71 463 203
Installation of TV and satellite equipment.

Tel : 71 300 431
Installation of TV and satellite equipment.

Electronic Centre
Tel: 318 2468 / 72 627 800
Installation and repairs of satellite dishes,
hi-fis and TVs. Limited stock of decoders.

Tel: 72 526 486

Generally you are well connected in Gabs, with
the worst times being in summer when the power
supply is disrupted by thunderstorms. When in
doubt, phone your service provider – the support
number is an essential number.

Tel: 390 8645

While you are usually well connected in Gabs,
you may experience power cuts, with the worst
times being in summer when the power supply is
disrupted by thunderstorms. When in doubt, phone
your service provider – their support number is
an essential number.

Getting connected
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